NatureMagiX Living Enzyme Cleaner Review

Recently I was contacted by the distributors of NatureMagiX All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser to try a sample of their product and give my opinion of it via blog post or online review. I own a green blog ( and have written several posts regarding eco-news topics, but rarely do product reviews. However, because I’m an advocate of … Read more

How to Clean an Englander Pellet Stove

Englander Pellet Stove

Englanders Pellet stoves are easy to take care for once or twice a week. It depends on how much you use it in the winter time. Once the winter season is over, and the next winter season is here you should have your pellet stove matinees by a professional.Things needed: Putty knifeScrewdriverShop vacuumFire safe bucketHammer … Read more

Household Cleaners May Cause Behavioral Changes in Disabled Children

house chemicals affect children

Behavioral complications are common among disabled children or children with special needs. In many cases, the behavioral complications are associated with an intellectual disability or a mental health complication that is well managed with medication and therapy. In some families, however, the development of behavioral complications in a special needs child comes without warning and … Read more

How to Clean a Glass Picture Frame

clean glass with newspapers

Glass picture frames are especially difficult to clean. Even modern cleaning products tend to leave streaks. The reflective nature of glass picture frames exaggerates streaks as well as stray fingerprints and lint. However, it is simple to effectively clean glass picture frames using common supplies lying around most homes. Just follow these simple steps. What … Read more