Thermador 36″ Pro Grand Self-Cleaning Gas Range Review

Throughout my time as an appliance specialist at a national appliance retailer, I learned many things about this industry. Perhaps the most important of these was what type of cooking methods are best for results, quality of food and professionalism. I found out that gas cooking was, by far, the best way to prepare your food. However, it all depends on the type of gas appliance you have in your kitchen. While some appliances can enhance your cooking to a completely new level, others can actually hinder your cooking methods and are basically a waste of money.

The Thermador 36″ Pro Grand Self-Cleaning Gas Range, Model: PRG366EG is one of the best gas ranges on the market

There are many reasons why this gas range is worth your money, however, the main reasons come down to how this range will cook your food. If you’re looking for a range that will give you true versatility than you will adore this appliance. With six patented burners, you are able to cook a large meal, which will come in handy during the holidays or on special occasions. These burners are sealed and made of brass to ensure even heat distribution. Most other gas burners have an issue with distributing heat, thus resulting in hot spots, which can ruin sensitive food items. The simmer burner can provide you with a heat output of only 375 BTUs, which is perfect for simmering your dishes without scorching them.

Easy multi-cooking

Within the oven, you are given a total of 5.7 cubic feet of cooking space. This allows you to cook several large dishes at once, saving you time and energy costs. Within the oven you are provided three various racks, which are sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest of dishes. You can interchange these racks into five different positions, giving allowing you to customize the size requirements for your various foods. This oven features thermal convection cooking technology, which will cook your food seamlessly. You will not have to worry about hotspots within the oven, which makes cooking breads and other sensitive food items extremely simple and virtually fool-proof. This is another reason why this range is perfect for any type of consumer, because it allows you to cook difficult items, even if you aren’t an actual chef. The Dual Infrared Broil option can produce a heat output of 17,000 BTUs. And since this oven is self-cleaning you will be able to clean up quickly and easily. This Thermador gas range can be found for an average price of $6,200, making it one of Thermador’s most professional consumer gas range.

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