Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your House

Spring is almost here and it’s time for you to get prepared for some serious cleaning! Some areas in your home may have been neglected throughout the year or maybe you forgot to clean some essential areas. This Spring cleaning checklist should help make your cleaning a little easier. Spending a little time on your home in Spring also gives you the opportunity to move furniture around to give your home a new look. You can also let your family members choose what chores they want to do. It makes it fun for them and helps out a lot. Spring cleaning not only includes cleaning, it includes organizing and getting rid of things that have created major clutter. I cannot tell you what to keep or throw out, but I can at least give you a list of things that should make your cleaning a little easier and less expensive.
Now it is time to prepare for those pesky chores that were ignored or you did not even think about. Place all cleaning chemicals, paper towels, duster and rags that are needed into a small bucket or carrier. This makes it easier to transport them from room to room and saves time. There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than having to keep going back and forth between rooms for cleaners.

The first thing you need to consider is starting from the top of your house. You wouldn’t want to dust your television or furniture and then get dust on them again from ceiling fans or fixtures. Start from the top and work your way down.

Spring-cleaning Checklist:

Remove any cobwebs on the ceilings, corners and walls with a broom.

Dust everything, including all ceiling fans, light fixtures, plant shelves, mini blinds, verticals, televisions, furniture, window sills, air conditioning vents, picture frames, etcetera. I suggest a duster that is not made of feathers.

Remove curtains for hand washing or wash on a delicate cycle.

Spray your shower stalls, toilets, sinks, counters and bathtubs with Scrubbing Bubbles. Let it sit in the shower/bathtub for a little while to penetrate any nasty buildup, then wipe everything clean with a rag and rinse. Don’t forget to wipe clean the entire toilet! There are many other bathroom cleaners, but I like Scrubbing Bubbles the best.

Spray all mirrors and windows with Windex Vinegar. Windex Vinegar is the first cleaner I have found that does not streak.

Use “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets. It works on contact, reduces scrubbing, does not leave stains and it’s inexpensive.

Wipe kitchen cabinets, inside and out.

Wipe down all kitchen counters, stove top, and exterior of the refrigerator with Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Spray. If you see stains, use a non abrasive bleach cleaner.

Scrub the kitchen sink with a safe cleaner for your sink’s surface. If it is stainless steel like mine, I use Barkeepers Friend or Comet.

Organize all closets, throw out junk and donate whatever you do not want to Goodwill, Salvation Army or a local Habitat for Humanity thrift store. If your kids do not want to part with something that they outgrew or really do not play with, it would give them a good feeling if you tell them you are donating it to Habitat for Humanity to help build a home for a less fortunate family.

Remove and replace all air conditioning filters in your home.

Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and replace them if needed.

If your interior doors can be wiped, use Greased Lightning Orange Blast to remove dirt, grime and oily finger prints. Wipe them down with a slightly damp rag.

Mop vinyl floors using ammonia and water or one tablespoon dish soap and water.

For linoleum or tile floors, use vinegar and water. It leaves a nice shine when you are done and saves money.

For wood flooring, use the manufacturer recommended cleaner.

While waiting for your floors to dry, it is a great opportunity to organize your garage. Or you can clean the windows from the outside, using a squeegee with an extendable handle and vinegar and water. Another suggestion is to vacuum all areas of your home. Either way, it all should be done.

Pay special attention to the carpeting along the walls as most vacuum cleaners do not pick up the dust and dirt. Use a vacuum hose to clean those tough areas. Don’t forget to vacuum your sofas and couches!

If you own your own steam cleaner, make sure you move all furnishings rather than just clean high traffic areas. If you do not own one, watch the ads in the paper as I am sure there will be spring cleaning specials.

When you are done with all of the above, use your favorite furniture polish. My favorites are the citrus and the lemon-scented Pledge.

To leave a fresh clean scent in your home, finish by spraying your favorite air freshener throughout. I usually spray each room as I finish them.

There may be other cleaning that comes to mind in your home. For instance, I do not have stairs in my home, so I have no banisters to dust. When finished, you will have a sense of accomplishment and your home will smell fresh. It’s a great way to start off this Spring.

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