Spring Clean Your Bathroom Quickly and Efficiently

It is that time of your again. Time to get out the buckets and mops and begin spring cleaning your home. One of the rooms often overlooked is the bathroom. Here are some spring cleaning tips for cleaning your bathroom quickly and efficiently.

Tip Number One: Make the bathroom one of the last rooms you clean

The bathroom like the kitchen is considered one of the “wet rooms” in your home. Experts advise to clean these heavy traffic rooms last.

Tip Number Two: Clean the shower curtain

The first thing I do when I spring clean my bathroom is to remove my shower curtain and shower curtain liner and throw them in the washing machine. If your shower liner has some tears or is really bad shape, go out and buy a new one. Shower liners are relatively inexpensive and there is nothing more annoying than having one with ripped holes at the top.

Tip Number Three: Use your vacuum cleaner

I have a lot of long, thick hair, which gets everywhere especially in my bathroom. One of the easiest ways to clean up hairs is to get out the vacuum cleaner and go over everything. Once this is done I get out the bathroom cleaner and wipe down the sink, shower, tub and toilet in that order.

Tip Number Four: Now is the time to clean the grout

If you r normal bathroom cleaning routine is as lax as mine can sometimes be now is the time to make sure you clean the shower walls including the grout if you have it (thankfully I no longer do). If the grout is super bad you may want to spray it with an extra strong cleaner and wait fifteen minutes before wiping.

Tip Number Five: Clean or replace the bathroom knickknacks

Make sure you clean and sanitize your tooth brush holder, and any other little knickknacks you may have. Clean and sanitize the waste basket as well and if any of the knickknacks look too yucky to clean make replacing them part of your bathroom spring cleaning process.

Tip Number Six – Organize your medicine cabinet

Not many people make going through their medicines part of their spring cleaning ritual, but they definitely should. While cleaning your bathroom make sure you go through your medicine cabinet and pitch any expired medicines. Wipe down the inside of the cabinet and you are finished.

Cleaning the bathroom is never anyone’s favorite job, use these six tips to get the job done quickly and effectively.

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