Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

What is it about the first real, warm sunny day after the cold gray days of winter that makes us want to throw open the windows and start cleaning? And why is it that we find joy in the prospect of organized closets and dust free ceilings? The answers may never be known, however, these days busy moms do not need more to do.
As one of those busy moms who delights in the thought of warm spring breezes blowing through freshly cleaned windows, I found that as my family grew and became busier, my spring cleaning never seemed to get finished before fall. That is when I realized that spring is the worst time for busy moms to do spring cleaning. Why wait until it is warm and sunny outside to take on the huge tasks of cleaning my home from top to bottom? When spring arrives I want to go outside. I want plant flowers, fly kites with my kids and eat lunch on my deck. I do not want to clean.

Here, I have offered some of my favorite spring cleaning tips for busy moms.

My favorite spring cleaning tip for busy moms is to begin in January! By the time spring arrives your cleaning will be finished and you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather and outdoor activities with your family. Another spring cleaning tip for busy moms is to clean as if you are moving. No one wants to fill a new house with a lot of clutter and items they don’t use. It is also important for busy moms to be realistic about how much time each spring cleaning project will take. Set small attainable goals and relax!

Busy moms who begin their spring cleaning should get the kids involved in their bedrooms and in family areas; allow them to make some decisions on the items the family will donate. For example, when sorting toys allow each child to keep one plastic tub of any toys they wish, as long as the lid will close. You will be surprised at how few toys children actually need to remain entertained.

One of my favorite spring cleaning tips for busy moms is to begin cleaning in areas that are not used daily such as closets, guest rooms and garages. Cleaning and organizing these areas and seeing them stay that way over time will give you a sense of accomplishment. Also, begin your spring cleaning at the top. Start with ceilings and ceiling fans, move to surface tops and finish with the floors. I tend to leave the lower surfaces in high traffic areas until last; it lessens my feelings that I’m shoveling snow in a snowstorm.

An important spring cleaning tip for busy moms is to pay special attention to your master bedroom. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to take the master bedroom back to the peaceful sanctuary it was meant to be. This is the place that busy moms need to go to relax, where they can leave the spring cleaning behind until the next day.

Busy moms can go green while they are spring cleaning. Products such as soap and water, vinegar and baking soda are all you need to get your home fresh and clean for spring. Instead of paper towels, use old T-shirts or towels for cleaning.

A final spring cleaning tip for busy moms is to ensure that your spring cleaning is easily maintained by giving everything a place. Baskets, plastic containers and book shelves go a long way toward keeping a room organized well into summer and fall. If you have more stuff than space, it may be time to donate more items!

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