Quick Tips Spring Cleaning and Deep Clean

Life is busy. You may be so busy that dust is gathering on the shelves and there is sticky stuff on the kitchen floor that’s been there for several weeks now. You may even think your life is too busy to do spring cleaning this year. But you have to clean the house sometime, right? You might as well make time for it sooner, rather than later (before it gets really bad).
Here are some tips that will make it go a little more quickly:

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Double up on cleaning products – Rather than digging through all of your cleaning supplies, use the same product for several applications: Top 5 Spring Cleaning Products for the Bathroom

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Apply a fresh coat of paint – Rather than wasting your time scrubbing dirt and stains from the walls, throw on a fresh coat of paint. Doing so will even give your home a newer, cleaner look.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Get rid of clutter – Decluttering before you clean will save you the time that you would otherwise waste on moving things around and then moving them back.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Recruit help – Make it a team effort to get the house clean much more quickly. Recruit your spouse and kids to help out. You shouldn’t have to do all the cleaning yourself, anyway.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #5: Keep cleaning supplies together – Keep it all together in a bucket so you can easily carry them all from room to room in one trip.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #6: Clean the windows – Clear windows (inside and out) instantly brighten up a room by letting in extra light. Wipe them down and then enjoy by keeping the curtains open as you finish cleaning.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #7: Make it fun – To get it done faster, you need to stay motivated. In order to stay motivated, turn up the music or listen to a book on tape as you clean.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #8: Make cleaning a habit – Do a little here and there to keep the house clean so you don’t have as much to do later.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #9: Split up your time – If you don’t have a whole weekend to do your spring cleaning, spend an hour here and there tackling each project as you find the time.

Quick Spring Cleaning Tip #10: Don’t feel like you have to do it all – You’re not Superman (or Superwoman). Save some for next time.

Source:The Golden Rules of Spring Cleaning

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