NatureMagiX Living Enzyme Cleaner Review

Recently I was contacted by the distributors of NatureMagiX All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser to try a sample of their product and give my opinion of it via blog post or online review. I own a green blog ( and have written several posts regarding eco-news topics, but rarely do product reviews. However, because I’m an advocate of non-toxic approaches to household cleaning and laundry, I decided to give it a try.
My sample packet of NatureMagiX powder arrived in a 2×3 plastic bag with a brochure/usage instruction sheet. According to the brochure, NatureMagiX is a non-toxic, biodegradable product that contains no bleach, phosphates, chlorine or ammonia. Couple those facts with the claim of saving up to 68% off other traditional household cleaners, and they’ve definitely peaked my interest.

Per the very easy-to-follow directions, I filled a 32-oz. spray bottle to the 90% level with warm water, added the powder, and shook it vigorously to mix. According to the instructions, I let the mixture stand for 5-10 minutes before using. Over the next two weeks, I used the product for a variety of applications around my home and was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed.

In the kitchen, I used NatureMagiX to clean the countertops. Mine are black, yet the product leaves no film or visible residue. I also used it on my steel sinks, drain openings and the range hood. It works quite well as a degreaser, and again, left no residue on the sinks. According to the instruction sheet, NatureMagiX is non-polluting and can actually help to clean your drains due to organic microbes that work to eliminate oil, grease and their by-products.

As a stain remover, NatureMagiX worked well on both my carpet and on a tablecloth that I pre-treated before washing. The stains on both carpet and tablecloth were coffee-related (I spilled a full latte with a heavy dollop of whipped cream!) and I’m happy to say both were visibly lessened by the product. The carpet stain did need a second application to completely remove the stain, but the fact that it did remove it bodes well for the company’s claims.

NatureMagiX has a pleasant smell that is neither pine-scented or citrus-y. It just smells, well, clean. That’s an added bonus for me when it comes to bathroom cleaners. I sprayed the product on the shower walls, tub and sink, then wiped them down with a sponge. Again, no residue and all surfaces were squeaky clean to the touch.

If I were to rate this product, I’d give NatureMagiX five out of five stars. In short, it lived up to their claims. It’s a great general cleaner that’s safe for people, pets and plants, and it’s extremely budget-friendly. For more information, or to order product, visit their website at

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