Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Makes Life Easier

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a must have cleaning product. The Magic Eraser is one of the best, most versatile cleaning products that I have ever purchased. To my amazement, it even removed permanent magic marker from my kitchen counter top.
The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser looks like a typical cleaning sponge but is anything but typical. The sponges are sold in packages of two and can be found at most any retail store in the cleaning products isle. To use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser simple remove it from the package, moisten it and start wiping down what ever surface it is that you want to clean.

Multipurpose cleaning solution

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a very versatile cleaning product. It can clean walls, floors and just about everything in between. It is great at removing grease and grime from the stove top or fingerprints on the refrigerator door. It actually works just as an eraser would. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can get into cracks and crevices that most other cleaning products would miss.

The floor of our shower has a rough, slip resistant surface. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried to keep it clean, the slip resistant surface always looked dirty. I decided to give the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser a shot at getting the rough surface clean and now it looks like it is brand new. This thing has to be one of the best cleaning products on the market.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is reusable and will last for quite some time. You will be amazed at some of the things that it will remove. If your house is anything like mine, their is always a scuff on the floor or a smudge on the wall. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the one cleaning product on the market that can tackle all of these messes. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about it damaging any surface that I use it on.

Chemical free

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is also a great choice for those that are sensitive to the many chemicals that are typically found in cleaning products. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a chemical free cleaning product that is completely safe to use around children and pets. All that is needed is a bit of water and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is ready to clean just about any surface that you can think of.

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