Keeping a House Cleaner with Young Kids: Their Bedroom

Our kid’s room is almost constantly the messiest room in the house, but what can you expect with two toddlers in one room really? I, however, hate to clean. I don’t know very many people that do, but that doesn’t change that it must be done. I do my best to make my job of keeping our house live-ably clean as easily as humanly possible. Each room, of course, comes with its own challenges and tricks to overcoming those challenges. This is what I’ve learned about keeping my children’s bedroom clean until they are old enough to clean their own room.

Be Minimal:

My number one tip is to limit what’s actually in your child’s room. This may mean downsizing toy piles, or just putting some away an alternating. You may even consider keeping the dresser in another room. The point is the less that is in the room your kids play in the most; the less you’ll pick it up. Minimizing “stuff” also tends to encourage kids to use their imaginations more and appreciate what they have.

Be organized:

What is in your child’s room should have a place. Things like toy drawers and hanging organizers are your friend. You may, however, want to avoid large buckets if you have toddlers. They tend to just dump them out for the fun of watching everything crash all over the room.

Be frequent:

Even if it’s just tidying up an area or picking up a few things, try to make some effort on the room each day. As the kid’s room isn’t one I often hang out in, I sometimes forget about it when I’m cleaning during the day, and then it just adds up until their room is a major project that I have no desire to conquer.

Ban food.

Kids are horrible about leaving food and drinks lying around to get knocked over or attract pests. Our kids are allowed to have food and drinks, mostly drinks, in most areas of the house, but not their bedroom. It just creates too much opportunity for mess.

Make them help:

Finally, no matter how old your child is, make them help you clean. My toddlers usually help pick up their toys and then I vacuum and organize. If they are old enough to make the mess, they are old enough to help clean it. Don’t do it all by yourself.

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