How to Keep Your Home’s Floors Cleaner in the Wintertime

I’m not fond of winter. I don’t like the ice, snow and freezing temperatures. I particularly don’t like how the weather can dirty-up the floors in my home. Even worse is that snow, mud, ice and ice melt can scratch, stain and otherwise damage them. Read this informative article and find out how to keep your home’s floors cleaner in the wintertime.

  1. Place Absorbent Mats at Exterior Doors

Common mats that are made of materials like rubber or coconut fibers are fine for the other 3 seasons. By fall, though, I switch over to “winter”mats. They’re thick and absorbent. They provide wet, snowy, muddy shoes and boots a place to clean off before they enter your house.

  1. Lay Down Long Runners

Put down long runners- four feet long works well- inside all your exterior doors and they’ll catch any wintry mess that may remain on people’s feet. These runners also catch ice and snow that fall off pant legs, hats and coats.

  1. Take Off Shoes, Boots and Outerwear Inside the Door

Another tip on how to keep your home’s floors cleaner in the wintertime is to place a mat or a boot tray inside every exterior door as well. It’s a rule at my house that footwear comes off at the door, especially in the wintertime.

I had a repairman here recently and he was going back and forth from his truck to the house. I couldn’t expect him to remove his shoes. So, I did the next best thing: I laid down throw rugs in his path to keep the floors clean.

  1. Wipe Off Your Dog’s Paws

Keep an old absorbent towel by the door for when Fido comes back in from the outside. Wipe off his/her paws before any mess can be tracked through your house.

You may consider buying your dog a set of rubber boots. They slip on and off easily, and prevent ice, ice melt and snow from getting in between their toes.

  1. Clear Off the Walkways

We keep the walkways around the house clear for 2 reasons. First, it makes them safer. And second, clean walkways mean cleaner feet and cleaner floors. As soon as the ice melt you put down has done its job, shovel the slush away.

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