How to Clean the Flocking on Bottle Brush Wreaths and Trees

Flocking on most Christmas trees and holiday wreaths adds a great decorative touch, but sometimes is also a magnet for dust. Due to its delicate nature, flocking can be cleaned to remove dust or dirt, however, it is a time-consuming process which should be performed on a day where weather conditions are sunny and winds are calm.

Cleaning the tree step by step
First, move your bottle brush tree or wreath outside in an area large enough for you to move around it freely. The tree or wreath will need to have its dust removed. Grab each branch and gently tap it until you do not see any more dust coming off. Now, you will need to get out the vacuum cleaner and attach the attachment that looks like a triangle to the extension wand. Making sure to avoid direct contact with the flocking, you will need to hold the vacuum wand in one hand, and an individual branch in another hand. Keep the attachment approximately one-half to one inch from directly contacting the tree or wreath’s surface. Start at the vacuuming where the needles are connected to the branch, and move in an outward direction. You will have to repeat this process for each individual branch, which will make it time consuming, however, you will thoroughly remove as much dust as possible from your tree or wreath.

Next, if you need to spot-clean some of the flocking due to dirt, mix up a solution of mild detergent or baby shampoo with water in a bucket. If you have a sponge around that will work; if not, a wash cloth will be sufficient. Apply it in the same manner that you vacuumed: starting at the place where the needles connect to the branch and move outward. Be careful not to scrub, and just make light, outward strokes. You may need to repeat this process several times until the dirt is removed. Rinse the area gently, and allow the tree or wreath to dry naturally outside for a few minutes.

When the tree or wreath is dry, cover with a large plastic trash bag and it will be ready for storage.

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