How to Clean an Englander Pellet Stove

Englanders Pellet stoves are easy to take care for once or twice a week. It depends on how much you use it in the winter time. Once the winter season is over, and the next winter season is here you should have your pellet stove matinees by a professional.
Things needed:

Putty knife
Shop vacuum
Fire safe bucket

Step one:

Look at the pellet stove to make sure it’s shut off before opening the front door to the pellet stove. You do not want to clean out the pellet stove while it’s still running. Some of the ashes could fly out of the stove and could cause a fire.

Step two:

Put some news papers down below the door of the pellet stove. While cleaning the pellet stove there could be some ashes on the door. You don’t want your floor to turn black from the ashes.

Step three:

Open the door to the pellet stove and grab your putty knife and scoop out the ashes in the burn pot. Put the ashes in the fire safe bucket.

Step four:

Take the shop vacuum and vacuum out the side of the burn pot. You don’t want to leave any ashes in the sides, because if you do the ashes are just going to build up. Then there will be place for the ashes to go. Use the vacuum to clean around the window to get rid of the ashes.

Step five:

Take the back plate off and you will see the top there is an opening. Up there, you have more ashes to clean out. With the back plate, you are going to clean the plate with your putting knife, so it doesn’t have any black on it. Place the back plate where it belongs.

Step six:

Start the pellet stove, so the number are on one one. The slower the numbers are the easier you are to clean the auger tube. Take your screwdriver and hammer and chip away the build up around your auger tube while it’s on a slow number. If you were hearing noises like grinding when the pellets come out of the auger, then it’s time to clean it. You can shut the pellet stove off, or you can turn the pellet stove to the right setting.

Step seven:

Use the Windex to clean the window screen. Who wants to sit and look at the fire when the window is all black from the ashes and heat hitting the window?

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