How to Clean a Glass Picture Frame

Glass picture frames are especially difficult to clean. Even modern cleaning products tend to leave streaks. The reflective nature of glass picture frames exaggerates streaks as well as stray fingerprints and lint. However, it is simple to effectively clean glass picture frames using common supplies lying around most homes. Just follow these simple steps.

What You Will Need:


Glass cleaner

Duster with handle
Step 1:
Gather old newspapers. If you don’t subscribe to a newspaper, ask a neighbor, friend or relative if you can have theirs. Free fliers and magazines printed on newsprint will also work well.

Step 2:

Pick up the glass picture frame or remove it from the wall if it is mounted. Dust the area where the glass picture frame resides. Cleaning the frame will do little if you return it to a dirty spot.

Step 3:

Dust the back and edges of the glass picture frame thoroughly. Be sure to remove as much loose dust as possible.

Step 4:

Tear a section of the newspaper in half. Accumulate two or three of these newspaper strips for an 8×10 glass picture frame. Tear off more if the frame is larger.

Step 5:

Crumple up the newspaper. Spray window cleaner directly onto the newspaper once or twice. Do not spray window cleaner on the frame itself. Spraying cleaner directly onto the newspaper prevents the cleaning liquid from seeping into the photograph or artwork.

Step 6:

Wipe the glass frame with the damp newspaper in one direction only. This helps prevent streaks. When the newspaper gets soggy, replace it with another strip.

Step 7:

Wash your hands after cleaning the glass picture frame. The black ink from the newspaper will be all over your hands. It comes off easily with soap and water.

Step 8:

Return your glass picture frame to its original spot. Notice the streak-free shine from the glass. This is an excellent way to reuse something normally thrown away. Newspaper is useful for more than just reading!

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