How to Clean a Dirty Refrigerator in a Snap

A dirty refrigerator takes time to clean and it doesn’t take long before it gets dirty again. No one ever seems to want to be involved in the cleanup detail when asked to pitch in and help. And although it’s a daunting task there are some things you can do to minimize the time it takes to clean the inside of your refrigerator and make it sparkle almost as good as new.

One way to cut down on cleaning time is to control where leaks and spills go. When leaks and spills run between the nooks and cracks it can be as time consuming as taking a toothbrush and scrubbing between the lines. A leak or spill contained in one spot can be wiped or scrubbed clean much quicker. If you want to keep leaks or spills from running out of control, you might spread a towel on each rack and surface of the inside of your refrigerator and squeeze sponges in-between the sides so that they might sop up some of the run off.

Keep ice chests in the freezer

Or you can place multiple ice chests in the refrigerator for the messy stuff. You can also put ice chests in your freezer especially to keep meats. An ice chest specifically for meats will help to keep meat from having contact with other things in the freezer. Avoid putting plastic ice chests in the freezer since the plastic may crack. Instead use the Styrofoam chests.

Putting things that may spill or leak inside of an ice chest will help to contain the aftermath. You can simply take the ice chest out of the refrigerator, remove the items that have leaked or spilled and clean the ice chest. If you have items that need to be thrown away, you can take out the ice chest and dump them straight into the trash. Then you can clean your ice chest. Think about fruits amp; vegetables that go bad. Take the ice chest out and dump them in the trash. Clean the chest and replace it back into the refrigerator.

The nice thing about using multiple ice chests is that you don’t have to clean everything at one time. You can clean out the chest that is dirty. The down side is that you may not be able to see everything that is if the ice chest is sitting in the upright position. To remedy this, turn the ice chest on its side facing the refrigerator door with the lid raised.

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