Homemade Spray-on Daily Shower Cleaner

Cleaning the shower isn’t an easy task, especially while rinsing away soap scum and cleaning products. How many times have you tried to clean the shower and ended up with water inadvertently running into your sleeves and down your arms? Using a simple spray-on daily shower cleaner can solve the problems encountered when cleaning the old-fashioned way. Although it’s still necessary to periodically clean the shower with disinfecting cleaner and a damp rag or sponge, it won’t be necessary to clean it as often.
Daily shower cleaning products are a convenient alternative to manual cleaning. Daily shower cleaners cut through grease produced by body oils, and moisturizers contained in soaps, and they effectively cut through and dissolve tough soap scum and dirt. Spray-on daily shower cleaners are nice, but they can be quite expensive, especially with more than one shower in the home.

You can mix homemade daily shower cleaner, and you can make it for considerably less than the price of store-bought spray-on cleaner. It’s easy to make spray-on daily shower cleaner. There are a few different spray-on recipes, and they all effectively keep the walls and liner clean and fresh. Decide which spray-on daily cleaner works best for your particular water type and level of soap scum and soil, and make enough of this homemade cleaner to clean every shower in your home on a daily basis.


Be sure to properly label spray bottles that contain homemade daily shower cleaner, and keep it out of reach of children. In addition, never use products containing bleach in or around products that contain ammonia. If you’re unsure about using the following homemade cleaning products, test a small inconspicuous area before using it on the entire surface.

Scented Bleach Cleaner

Bleach is a fantastic product that has been used to clean and kill germs for decades. You can make an effective germ-killing spray-on daily shower cleaner that will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

Simply mix one part scented bleach with eight parts water in a large spray bottle. Use caution when spraying near washcloths and shower curtains since bleach removes color. Lightly mist the shower and liner on a daily basis after showering, and your shower and liner will stay clean, fresh, and germ-free until the next use.

All-Purpose Daily Cleaner

If you have a favorite all-purpose cleaner, you can use it to make a gallon of spray-on daily shower cleaner. Refill a small spray bottle as necessary to keep the shower walls and liner clean and free from dirt, soap scum, and germs.

In a gallon jug, mix together eight ounces of your favorite germ-killing all-purpose cleaner, sixteen ounces of rubbing alcohol, and water. This homemade cleaner will last for a number of weeks.

Alcohol and Peroxide Daily Shower Cleaner

This is a fantastic homemade spray-on daily shower cleaner. It effectively cuts oils, dirt, and soap scum, and it dissolves it away with minimal effort.

Mix together one-half cup of hydrogen peroxide, one-half cup of rubbing alcohol, about six drops of grease cutting dishwashing liquid, two teaspoons of liquid spot-free dishwasher rinse, and twenty-four ounces of water. Using this homemade product on a daily basis will keep your shower and liner cleaner longer.

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