Hamilton Beach 04383 Air Cleaner Review

The Hamilton Beach 04383 is an air cleaner designed for rooms up to 160 square feet. It will help remove allergens from the air such as pollen, dust, and mold spores. You can find this unit for an average price of $55. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.


The Hamilton Beach 04383 air cleaner is equipped with a permanent HEPA filter. It is capable of trapping up to 99 percent of common allergens in the air. Also since it’s permanent, you don’t have to worry about buying replacement filters.


You will need to clean this permanent filter every six months or so. However, it’s very easy since you can simply vacuum the filter until it’s clean. You won’t even have to touch the dirty filter.


The Hamilton Beach 04383 offers three operating speeds. They consist of whisper clean, medium, and quick clean. You control the speed using a dial on top of the air cleaner. The unit can achieve a maximum air flow rate of 60 CFM. When used in the recommended room size, it can perform three air changes every hour.


The Hamilton Beach 04383 air cleaner operates very quietly. It that helps to reduce the noise caused by the unit’s fan. You should have no problem using this unit in your bed room thanks to the fact that it’s so quiet.


The Hamilton Beach 04383 has a tower design. It also has a removable base. This means that you can use it either horizontally or vertically. This is a useful feature if you have more vertical space than horizontal or vice versa.


The Hamilton Beach 04383 is compact enough to fit into tight areas. It measures nine inches long, five inches wide, and 14 inches high. It also weighs 4.5 pounds, so you should have little trouble moving it around.

The Hamilton Beach 04383 air cleaner can trap up to 99% of allergens. You can clean the permanent HEPA filter with a vacuum. Also, you don’t have to worry about buying replacements. You will also like how quiet the unit operates on its three different speeds.

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